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What is WiFi 6?


What is WiFi 6?

It’s the next generation of WiFi. It’s a major upgrade from the previous version with plenty more features and the biggest feature of all speed! The Boffins who make the rules on WiFi have made it easier for the general population to understand the changes in WiFi standards so they have now changed the complicated letters and numbers (802.11ac (WiFi 5) and 802.11ax (WiFi 6)) to just straight version numbers.


How much faster is WiFi 6 from 5?

In theory you can reach speeds of 6.7Gbps compared to 3.4Gbps in WiFi 5.


What else has been improved?

Instead of improving the speed for just one device at a time WiFi 6 can now provide the fast throughput to multiple devices all at the same time which they’ve termed MU-MIMO (Multi User-Multiple input Multiple output). So the real benefits of this upgrade is when you’re in dense environments such as stadiums or malls. In theory it should work as fast as if you’re the only one on the WiFi. Battery life is set to be improved too, with a new feature they’re calling Target Wake Time which lets routers schedule check-in times with devices so they’re not always on full power. Another big upgrade is the security with the introduction of WPA3 which makes it harder for those hackers to crack your passwords.


How do I take advantage of WiFi 6?

Bottom line you’ll need new access points or routers which carry the WiFi 6 technology. When you’re searching for a new router please check the packaging for the WiFi 6 logo. Your devices such as your mobile phones and laptops will also need to be WiFi 6 compatible.


When will WiFi 6 be available?

Well devices which support WiFi 6 are already out now, but it will be some time before it becomes the standard. For instance the Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the first phones to support his next generation WiFi.