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Voila VoIP!


Using your hard earned money to make calls? Pfft. It’s the 21st century people.
Why pay, when we can hook you up with VoIP so that you make calls for free!
Let’s hook you up with some VoIP basics first.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Hold up! WAIT. We know this doesn’t sound exciting, but don’t run away.)
Basically, it allows you to turn a standard Internet connection into a way to place free phone calls. Yes! FREE.

How does it do this?

VoIP takes your voice signals and puts them into packets;
Just imagine your voice being stuffed into an electronic envelope. Along with the voice signals, the VoIP packet includes both the caller’s and the receiver’s network addresses

The process?

*Your computer records the sound samples.
*The computer squeezes those sounds so that they require less space. (Compression)
*The samples are collected, put into large chunks, placed into data packets and transmitted. (Packetization)
*There must a code word to allow the computers to communicate and send packets to each other.(This code is known as “protocol”.)
*And there you have it! Speak and you shall be heard (by the other computer of course.)

It’s like how you pay for your internet access but send emails for free.
With VoIP, you pay for internet access and make calls for free!
It promises to change the way you communicate with customers and other employees. It holds immense potential and it is very likely to replace the traditional phone system entirely in the near future.