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8 Tips Wireless Access Point and CCTV Camera Installation


The Captain’s 8 Tips Wireless Access Point and CCTV Camera Installation:

1. Understand all of your network requirements.
2. Choose the right equipment for your wireless network and devices as required.
3. Be aware of the network limitations of your devices if there’s any.
4. Consider the various types of cables you will need to use.
5. Be aware of nearby interference that can impact your device’s installation.
6. Select a proper location for your devices.
7. Make sure that the internet service provider has been in place.
8. Measure signal strength before making final access point placements.

We say.. Plan the Perfect Wireless Access Point and CCTV camera Installation.
Choosing the right network equipment and installing it properly is only half the battle. Once the planning and physical installation phases are complete, you should be surfing the web wirelessly with ease. Right configurations should never be missed.