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Silver linings galore…

Cloud computing allows small and startup businesses to compete with the big boys without spending thousands of Dirhams on computers and servers. All your data is stored remotely, so you can work as efficiently as large competitors, your staff can work from anywhere and everyone can collaborate on documents stored in one secure place. It’s greener too.

Server Hosting

While the cloud may sound like it’s floating miles above your head, it’s actually much closer to home. In fact, unlike most online hosting services which are located in Europe or USA, we can provide much quicker cloud servers, hosted in local UAE data centres.

This is handy, because if you have a DU or Etisalat internet connection with a speed of 24Mbps, you’ll only get near that amount within the UAE. As soon as you leave the country your speed is limited and no longer guaranteed by your provider. And speed is everything in business.

We can provide public cloud (standard hosting package from a service provider) or private cloud hosting (giving you more security and control over your data) – it’s up to you.

Email Hosting

Email is the key communication tool in business, so it’s a big issue when something goes wrong. Cloud systems like Office 365 and Rackspace give you secure access to your emails even if DU or Etisalat has turned off your internet. And they’re all backed up for extra peace of mind.

Virtual Desktops

When you’re looking to expand without shelling out on new computers, renting virtual desktops is the answer. You and your staff can log onto the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection to access your emails, internet browser, Microsoft Office and any other key applications you need.