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We've run out of IP addresses


We’ve run out of IP addresses

I’m sure you’ve heard the term IP address, well the IP stands for Internet protocol. When the internet was first invented they needed to create a registration for each connection a bit like a vehicle number plate. This identifies each gadget or device that connects to the internet. They created what’s known as IP version 4 which contained over 4,000,000,000 that’s 4 billion addresses, back then they didn’t realize just how big the internet would become. They thought that 4 billion addresses would be plenty and would never use them all but would you believe it we’ve now run out!!!

So what are they going to do next I hear you ask. Well they created a new version called IP version 6 way back in 1998 but it’s been extremely slow to catch on, most IT geeks preferring the older version on all their IT networks. The new version has almost infinite amount of IP addresses so that should last us for a couple of years at least J.

But don’t panic this gradual movement from the old version to the new won’t affect normal internet users, but it will start to put pressure on the internet service providers and the larger organizations.

Us geeks @ Create IT are future proofing our clients ready for this change by setting up both IPv4 and IPv6 ready for this major change. To find out how give our geeks a shout.