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Create IT Branding


Branding is so important to any business, when you’re starting up the natural instinct is to save as much money as possible and go for the cheapest option.

You simply cannot do that with your branding, this is how people perceive your business. If the branding looks cheap then people will automatically assume your business is too.

Create IT was born out of the frustration of all the companies out there who provide a terrible service. We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) people are paying for the service nothing else.

If it’s not up to scratch, then what are you paying for?

We actually budgeted a healthy amount for the branding because we knew we had to get that right. Our logo features a 3D cube with computer circuitry running through it above the iconic Create font which is featured across the whole Create Media Group.

The cube represents the strength of the company, but also shows we look at things from all angles.