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Imagine your own little storage galaxy with buffed up, ninja space monkeys to protect your precious data. Cloud storage is exactly that. It’s space. A lot of space.

The best part about it, is that since it’s on a remote server you won’t have to break the bank (or your head) about maintenance and infrastructure. It’s all up there, in a secured, accessible corner in cyberspace!

What’s the catch?

Well, you need to have a high internet bandwidth. Also, charges are based on data backed up. So if you have a massive quantity of data you’re going to have to dish out more green.

Now, we’ve weighed in the pros and cons and we’ve come to a conclusion. We see that the advantages far outnumber the disadvantages and here are some pointers as to how Cloud Storage does this;

  1. Safe and secured way of backing up data on a remote data storage

Your cloud is the heavy duty, three metal layer safe every Swiss banker dreams of, and you have the golden key to that pot of gold.

  1. Accessible from anywhere

(If you needed to a take a quick trip to the moon, of course.)

  1. It uses a pay as you go model

Quit sniffling about your empty wallet, you’ve got the hassle free cloud.

  1. Inbuilt disaster recovery facility

Server crashed?

Step away from the window edge and take a deep breath.

Cloud’s got all your files backed up.

  1. There is no cap on the amount you can store.


  1. Automated data backup

Pfft, Cloud is like your personal butler. It does important stuff without you asking.

  1. No space in your office? Throw your worries out the window

Cloud doesn’t need any space. It’s IN space. Cyberspace.

  1. Less computing power is needed

No Kraken. We don’t need your supercomputer powers yet.

Now you know!

So, the next time someone says: “I’ve stored it in the Cloud” you can wipe that potato like expression off your face.

They mean they’ve saved it on an Internet service and as you’ve seen for yourself, (LOOK UP! ) it’s a great form of storage.