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Can you spot when you’re being phished?


Can you spot when you’re being phished?

Just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention the rise of phishing emails. Now these types of emails are not new but people everyday are getting caught out with them still. There are also ones where the email says that you need to confirm your password and it might even look like it’s from Microsoft but these are all examples of phishing emails. Microsoft will never ask you to confirm your username or password so never click on anything which asks to. Another example is where they have sent you a link to a document which is actually a link to download a virus. Don’t be tempted to click the links from unknown sources, below is a typical example of a phishing email.

“Good morning,

Could you please refer to attach document and get back to us as it’s important, we’ll send the original tomorrow.”

If you are unsure of any email which you have sent, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] and we can verify the email and check it’s safe to open.


Please circulate this email to all of your users to heighten their awareness of such emails.